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Wind Turbines

Wind Turbine Products from Ennis Wind and Solar. Watch our Wind Turbines for the Beginner video for a full overview on wind turbine products and how to install a wind power system.

Make an educated purchase. Learn the differences between polycrystalline and monocrystalline type solar panels and how to spot "too good to be true" prices!

Charge Controllers Wind & Solar

Charge Controllers for Wind Turbine and Solar Panel Systems, All in One Charge Controllers.

Charge Controller Solar

Charge Controllers for Solar Panels Systems.

Power Inverters

DC to AC Power Inverters and Grid Tie Inverters for Wind Turbines and Solar Panels. Choose from our wide range of Grid Tie Inverters and DC to AC inverters that convert the energy produced by your wind turbines or solar panels to residential AC power.

We offer a complete selection of Aims Corp. and OutBack Power Inverters to match your alternative energy system, whether it's a small residential solar array or a complete, off grid wind and solar hybrid power system.Watch our YouTube video below on the benefits and differences between DC to AC inverters, grid tie inverters, modified sine wave inverters, and pure sine wave inverters. Save money now and make sure you get the best inverter for your application!


Ennis Wind and Solar now carries the Trojan line of batteries. Available for in store pick-up!

Cables, Wires, & Electrical Components

Ennis Wind and Solar carries a full line of Battery Cables, Solar Panel Extension Cables, Wire Connectors, and much more.

Wind Turbine Accessories

Wind Turbine Parts and Accessories available at Ennis Wind and Solar.

Solar Panel Accessories

Ennis Wind and Solar has the racks and connectors you need to mount your solar system.

LED Lights & Accessories

Ennis Wind and Solar carries AC and DC LED Lights.

Renewable Energy Appliances

Appliances to compliment your wind turbine or solar panel systems. Below is a playlist with videos showing you tips and tricks from Ennis Wind and Solar on how to cut your electric bill. After the first video is done another one will automatically play. You can see all the videos available to watch in the play list by clicking on the tab Videos on the menu.

DC and AC Meters

Ennis Wind and Solar carries a full line of Analog and Digital DC and AC Meters.

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