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10 Amp 12/24 PWM Digital Solar Panel Charge Controller

10 Amp 12/24 PWM Digital Solar Panel Charge Controller


Programmable Digital PWM Solar Charge Controller

Available in 10 Amp, 20 Amp, 30 Amp and 40 Amp Models

Solar Charge Controller for both 12 and 24 Volt Systems.

Our digital solar charge controller features:

  • PWM Charge Controller
  • Adjustable Loading Timer
  • Adjustable Light On + Delay Off Timer
  • 12 Volt and 24 Volt Battery Auto Sensing (one controller does both)

This charge controller is intelligent, using MCU and professional software to control charging, prolonging the battery's life. Use the load timer to run our solar grid tie inverters during peak hours right from your batteries and or solar panels. Set the on and off time to run it as long as you want. Peak hours are when the electric company charges you almost twice as much to use your electricity. This is usually between 11-3 pm in the summer and 5-10 pm in the winter!

The controller has two battery input terminals, two solar panel input terminals, and two load terminals. The load terminals are for running various DC loads like lights or our solar grid tie inverters. It has full self protection, overload protection, short circuit, reverse connection, over charging and over discharging, etc. 

When the battery is connected to the charge controller, it will detect the voltage of the battery first then will decide how to charge the battery connected.

The controller has an LCD display, 1 button, and 6 terminals protected by the cover. The LCD screen displays the voltage of the battery, the charging state, the DC output ON/OFF state, timer information and light control and delay time information.