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Battery Information

For wind and solar beginners who are just getting started, don’t spend lots of money on forklift batteries, instead, purchase a 12V automotive battery or deep cycle marine battery.  This will be sufficient until you are more familiar with how your wind turbine or solar panels will work and are ready to expand.

Popular Batteries in Alternative Energy:

6V Trojan L16G-AC Battery 390AH: Flooded Battery, Wet Cell – Second most popular battery type.

2V Trojan L16RE Battery 1200AH: Deep Cycle Flooded Battery. New on the market – Renewable Energy Battery.

Puts off hydrogen gas, must be vented outside.

6V Trojan T105-AGM: Absorbed Glass Mat –a true deep cycle battery.

  • Pros: Doesn’t need to be vented, can lay on their side, last longer than the wet cell

  • Cons: Expensive option

Gel cell batteries: Very expensive and sensitive to charging.  If these batteries are allowed to be overcharged, they will be ruined!

What we recommend: Use a DC Disconnect Switch in line with your batteries and inverter:

For single battery banks, use the DC Disconnect Switch